January 31, 2023
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Ironically, there were no photos of the corn on the KFC website.


A KFC employee in St. Louis was shot in the stomach on Monday afternoon after a disgruntled customer began arguing with employees about the restaurant running out of corn.


The St. Louis Metropolitan Police said an unidentified man drove into the driveway of a central West End KFC store on Monday evening when, to the man’s dismay, he was told the KFC had run out of corn.

The man began to threaten employees through the car speaker. Later, at an unspecified time, the man returned to the roadway with a gun.

An employee went outside to answer a customer without corn, who then shot and killed the employee, a 25-year-old man.


The victim was then privately taken to the hospital, where he was in stable condition as of Monday evening.

The location of the corn devil is currently unknown. And there’s no word yet on whether KFC has restocked its “good corn.”

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