January 27, 2023

A SUSPECTED gunman stumbled into the barbershop, still brandishing a weapon, after three people were shot to death, according to the chilling footage.

Authorities say William M., 69, shot and killed a woman and two men and injured at least three people in a horrific attack in Paris.



The footage shows the suspect shooting at the barbershop.
The alleged assailant was then taken away in handcuffs.


The alleged assailant was then taken away in handcuffs.1 credit
Riots broke out in Paris after the murder


Riots broke out in Paris after the murder1 credit


The former train driver, who is suspected of far-right extremism, was released on bail just days earlier for attacking two migrants with a saber-shaped sword.

Riots erupted in the French capital on Friday after three people thought to be Kurdish activists were shot dead.

Police rushed to the scene in the 10th arrondissement in northern Paris just after noon (1100 GMT) after reports that at least eight shots had been heard.

Now a haunting clip has surfaced showing the alleged killer entering a barber shop clutching a gun after being attacked.


CCTV footage shows customers and staff running off the salon floor moments before the man entered.

He then appears to be shooting towards those who are hiding.

A fight then appears to break out as workers and clients apprehend and disarm the suspected shooter.


You can see how one of the men takes away the gun, and the other begins to call.

The suspect in the attack was apprehended and later taken to the hospital with facial injuries.

The clothes worn by the man in the video match the description of the clothes of the arrested militant.


Investigators are looking into a possible racist motive for the shooting as France’s anti-terrorism police investigate the incident.

French Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin said the suspect “obviously wanted to attack foreigners.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said the country’s Kurds were the target of a “disgusting” attack.

He tweeted: “Thoughts for the victims, those struggling to survive, their families and loved ones.”

Anger erupted after the shooting, when rioters clashed with police, set fires and built barricades.

Police officers fired tear gas as footage shows an injured protester being carried away by the crowd to safety, with injured officers being dragged away by colleagues.

The shooting took place near the Kurdish cultural center on Enghien Street in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital.

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It is just minutes from Gare du Nord station, where millions of Britons arrive every year on the Eurostar train from King’s Cross.

The area in the north of Paris has a large Kurdish population.

Injured police officer being evacuated to safety during riots


Injured police officer being evacuated to safety during riots1 credit
Riot police surrounded by clouds of tear gas


Riot police surrounded by clouds of tear gas1 credit
At least three people died in the shooting


At least three people died in the shooting1 credit

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