January 27, 2023

Jan Lowther and Erwin Hymer Group handed out a check this week Willow Burn Hospice for £4,700 after a unique 215-mile coast-to-coast ultramarathon in Scotland funded by the warehouse team leader from his employers.

With 100 hours to go in Scotland, Jan 38 from Annfield Plain crossed the finish line three hours ahead of time after several grueling mountain and valley climbs, often in pitch darkness or heavy fog. Ian’s inspiration came from his grandmother, Marjorie Currie, who passed away from liver and lung cancer at the age of 69.

Yang said:


“In 1998, my grandmother was placed in a hospice, where she received care at the end of her life. The level of care and passion shown by the staff and everyone was incredible and left a place in my heart. I knew that one day I would have to come back and say thank you. This challenge, and many others like it, have been my way of saying thank you.”

When the Erwin Hymer Group heard about Jan’s latest call, they promised to support him and the hospice by funding all donations.

Rachel Todd, head of fundraising and marketing, said: “We were amazed when the Erwin Hymer Group supported Jan and the hospice. Willow Burn would not exist without the people who support it both financially and in kind. We rely on people like Yang and local businesses to help us raise enough money to provide life-saving end-of-life and palliative services to the people who need them most. This increase in fundraising from the Erwin Hymer Group means Jan has raised enough funds to run Helen McArdle’s inpatient unit within 72 hours.”

Chris Short of Erwin Hymer Group said: “When we have a colleague like Jan who works so tirelessly for charity, we want to support him – not only financially, in terms of funding, but also emotionally. Racing across Scotland was a Herculean challenge and Jan approached this endurance race with the same unwavering tenacity, hard work and calm approach that we see in his role at the Erwin Hymer Group. We have fully supported Jan every step of the way and are very proud of what he has done!”

This is not the first running challenge Ian has taken on for Willow Burn. Over the last 3 years he has taken part in 11 races, raising thousands of pounds for the care of the dying at Derwentside.


Rachel Todd said:

“Ian is a true hero to all of us at Willow Burn. We followed his every move on his tracker, wanting him to succeed. Not only did he raise an incredible amount of money for the hospice, but he really shed light on the vital work of our team here and the need for our services in this area.”

This year Ian was praised at the North East Charity of the Year Awards for his dedication to hospice when he was nominated for Charity Ambassador of the Year. Ian’s next test, the Montane Cheviot Goat, will take place on December 3rd. This is a 55 mile ultra marathon that promises to test the mind and body of the participants.

Willow Burn is a nurse-led hospice located on Howden Bank in Lanchester, a state-of-the-art facility offering specialized supportive, palliative and end-of-life care, including inpatient care, respite care, day care, and bereavement care. and families. support.


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