January 31, 2023

Coronation Street FANS have named a key element of the show that they say needs to be updated to keep the soap from falling apart.

Die-hard supporters of the show have stated that they believe the writing in the ITV series has fallen below par and is in desperate need of an update.



Fans think the show’s script let them down1 credit
Some fans have also commented on Ed Bailey's acting skills.


Some fans have also commented on Ed Bailey’s acting skills.1 credit

Many have called for the show’s current executive producer, Ian Macleod, to face the axe, as well as the show’s current writers, many of whom claim the storylines are not fully realized.

One soap expert stated, “MacLeod should go along with many others.”

Another fan agreed, adding who they would like to see on board the show: “Yes, and new writers too. Sally Wainwright would be a good choice. She wrote for shows in the late 90s and created some brilliant shows (Happy Valley).”

A third fan pointed out that the show spent money on improving and improving the sets instead of focusing on the quality of the material: “They spend millions on set, pay actors, production equipment, so I guess they can’t afford good writers.”


However, fans did not place all the blame on the producers and writers, as some argued that some of the show’s cast members were simply not experienced enough to make big stories on prime time shows.

One viewer stated, “I think Ed needs to get away from Bailey, they really have potential as a family.”

Another echoed those thoughts, adding, “Ed and Michael are leaving, IMHO, and then Bailey will finally all be well played. Yes, Simon and Summer are such expendables. I get that he’s kind of a legacy character at the moment, but Sean would have gone well. too.”


The series has had a lot of high-profile stories lately, most of which have been dominated by young actors.

Teenagers Summer and Aaron are the current faces of Coronation Street in regards to their controversial surrogacy storyline, as well as Max Turner and his quirky relationship with the evil Griff.

Jacob Hay also came to the forefront of the show following the arrival of his father Damon and the pressure this put on his relationship with Amy.

The show is currently led by a younger cast including Max Turner.


The show is currently led by a younger cast including Max Turner.1 credit

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