January 27, 2023

Denise Angel – teacher and artist

Denise was born and raised in County Durham, where her love for drawing began as a teenager. She now resides in Consett. University followed with a bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in fashion and textile design and a design career with companies such as Berghaus and M&S. After her PGCE in Education, Denise became a high school teacher teaching art at the A level. With over 35 years of professional experience as an artist, she has recently become self-employed.

Denise works in mixed media using acrylics, oils and colored pencils and as seen in the photographs she likes to work on several paintings at the same time to keep them fresh and save time waiting for the paints to dry. However, she not only paints on canvas and paper, but also enjoys working on large-scale murals, which can be seen in the Lanchester Garden Center and kindergartens in hospitals in Sunderland and Durham.
Denise Angel is the name used for her work and workshops at the Delves Lane Community Center, which can also be seen online on her Facebook page, Rainbow Moon Gallery.


Article and photos by George Ledger

Chris Bowen – calligrapher

Chris Bowen was a calligrapher for many years, but started out as an oil painter. He studied at Hornsey College in London and then worked as a ceramics painter (i.e. painted porcelain) at King’s Worcester. He says he didn’t like the repetitive nature of the job, so he began teaching, working in Worcester, Widnes and Liverpool before moving north to Blackfine Comprehensive School as art director, succeeding Sheila Mackie and then Derwentside College.

He was a member of the Liverpool Academy and couldn’t help but be inspired to meet so many creative people. He has been practicing and teaching fine arts and calligraphy for over 30 years and is passionate about historical writing, having studied the many original manuscripts in the Durham Cathedral library. He has worked with calligraphers from America and Europe and found their approach inspiring because they are very open to less traditional methods, which has influenced my work a lot as it is more in line with my general attitude towards art and creativity, especially contemporary art.

He also creates more abstract work, combining colorful backgrounds with medieval text, and has exhibited at both Durham Cathedral and Hexham Abbey.


Chris can also be found at the Blackhill Community Center where he leads the calligraphy group, continues to pass on his knowledge and skills to others, and inspires members.

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