January 31, 2023

Teachers and Art Part 1
Keith Stenhouse – teacher and artist

Kate Stenhouse of Snods Edge, Shotley Bridge trained as an English teacher, then worked as a porcelain restorer for royalty and Sotheby’s, among others. She had always loved art, so she decided to become a full-time artist and move to Snods Edge. She quickly gained a reputation as an artist as well as a teacher. Her work is in many private collections both here and abroad and she draws inspiration from the landscapes and flora around her home. Her work is very energetic, vibrant and colorful and she encourages her students to develop these qualities in their work.

She works in both acrylics and watercolors and has a gallery at Snods Edge which is open on Sunday afternoons and examples of her work can be seen on her website.
Photos by Chris Bruce


George Skelton – artist

George Skelton is no ordinary artist; he has been an art teacher for 38 years and a professional artist for over 12 years. Over 50 years ago, he was a founding member of the Castleside Art Group (with Ken Armstrong) and the Snods Art Group (with Ann Shaw). George also had a gallery/shop in Stanhope for many years (with Philip Oliver and Alex Clark).

Originally from The Grove before moving to Mooreside and then to Castleside, he now lives near Northumberland. At 16, he entered the Art College in Sunderland, specializing in woodcuts, although he says he has done nothing since as he did not have the space or equipment to do so. He then moved to the University of Liverpool to qualify as a teacher before returning to the North East and starting his career as an art teacher.

George painted in oils and acrylics, but he’s well known for watercolor, a medium he says he only tried because it was the easiest and safest to use when his little kids were running around the house. His love of the River Derwent and the marshes between Consett and Stanhope has been an inspiration for many years, but since moving he now paints Northumberland scenes as well. However, during our visit to his home, it was great to see that his living room is dominated by 2 paintings of the Derwent Reservoir and 1 painting of the Consett Iron Company. He never lost his love for his hometown.
Photographs by George Ledger

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