January 27, 2023

Competitors said last night that the number of public toilets in Scotland has dropped by a third because of the SNP.

The total has dropped from 521 to 355 since the Nuts took over in 2007.



The total has dropped from 521 to 355 since the Nat took over.1 credit
Willie Rennie blasted the SNP


Willie Rennie blasted the SNP1 credit

Liberal Democrat bosses have released the numbers using freedom of information requests to 32 Scottish councils.

Among the 19 respondents in three areas – Clackmannanshire, East Dunbartonshire and South Lanarkshire – there were no public toilets in 2022.

Willie Rennie, a spokesman for the Liberal Democratic Communities, said it was an example of money-strapped local governments failing to provide space.

He said: “These numbers show the cost of a decade and a half of SNP underfunding to communities.

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“Toilets are not only a public convenience. For some, the lack of accessible bathrooms may prevent them from enjoying public spaces, while for others it has become an invitation to urinate in public.

“This is a sad state of affairs, but it is an inevitable consequence of the decisions that SNP administrations have consistently made.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats want a massive capital work program to provide more public toilets, as well as improve car parks, electric car charging and waste disposal facilities.


“The government must also make a commitment not to treat local governments simply as subordinate bodies that can live on the crumbs of the budget.

“Councils need long-term funding agreements and the ability to invest in their communities.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “We are aware of the difficulties local councils face in providing services and maintaining facilities.


“We have found an additional £570m for councils for 2023-24 on top of last year’s budget allocation.

“Local authorities must decide how best to allocate their budgets to meet local priorities.”

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