January 27, 2023

CHRISTMAS holidaymakers plunged into travel chaos overnight after a slew of British Airways flights were delayed due to a ‘technical issue’.

The airline blamed a third-party scheduling service provider for many hours of disruption in the departure of planes from the United States.



British Airways flights departing from the US were delayed overnight1 credit

In a statement yesterday, BA said: “Our flights scheduled to depart the US tonight are currently delayed due to a technical issue with our third-party flight planning provider that we are investigating urgently.

“We apologize for any disruption to our customers’ plans, our goal is to send these flights as quickly as possible.

“This is not a security issue. We keep our customers informed and treat them with drinks.”

Some passengers said they were stuck for several hours.


One tweeted: “All the fun and games at JFK.

“All British Airways flights have landed due to a bug in their flight mapping system and we now have multiple departure alarms.”

Another wrote: “The captain of our British Airways flight just said that their on-board computers around the world have been down for two hours and no BA aircraft can file a flight plan?


“It doesn’t seem perfect.”

While the third said that they were stuck for six hours, that is, they missed their connecting flight.

“What will BA do for us?” they added.


The footage at the boarding gate shows crowds of weary travelers waiting for news, many of them sitting on the floor.

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