January 27, 2023

CHRIS BOYD thinks Michael Beal should think again if he thinks the situation with the Rangers goalkeeper is something he can be happy with.

Gers boss Beal had to call in John McLaughlin to be the last line of defense against Ross County after Allan McGregor fell victim to the disease.



John McLaughlin was on his guard when he was called up by the Rangers against Ross County.Credit: Willy Wass

McLaughlin didn’t have much to do in McGregor’s absence, but he made one great save, knocking out George Harmon early on to help the Blues to a 1-0 win.

Beal said after the game that he was happy with what he had between the sticks, and also pointed to Robbie McCrory moving through the ranks as reason for the pep.

But former Ibrox star Boyd believes his old club should be looking for a new number one goalkeeper NOW.

He told Sky Sports: “I’m looking at the goalkeeping situation at Rangers. This is another game where Allan McGregor is playing, all the fans seem to be moaning and saying, “Take John McLaughlin.”

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“John McLaughlin plays and everyone says, ‘Allan McGregor should play.’ It’s complicated”.

“There is no doubt, and you can get away from it. Allan was a fantastic goalkeeper, now about 41 years old. McLaughlin is obviously also 35. You have Robbie McCrory, who is now getting on stage where he has to play football.

“I know that Michael Beal has spoken and said that this is not an area that he needs to worry about at this point in time, but I disagree. Allan can’t go on forever.


“Let’s be honest, Michael Beal will be here for a long time. It’s about to build. It doesn’t do John McLaughlin a disservice, he’s a good goaltender, but is he going to be Rangers number one in the future?

“Personally, I think the Rangers should look into this area this summer. The most important part of the field. Next comes the goalkeeper.

“This is an area that cannot be discounted and needs to be addressed in the future. Look at the recruitment situation in the summer, that’s what needed to be done here as well.


“I don’t know if Allan was going to sign his contract or not. But you would think that in this case someone else should have come, but the club decided not to do it.

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