January 27, 2023

STARS Bethan Kershaw of Go Dating appeared to have found a spark in her relationship with co-star Rudy when the pair were spotted kissing.

The couple took to the beach to kiss before the show’s finale, after several successful dates.



Bethan kissed her co-star on the beachCredit: Raw Image Ltd.
The couple was spotted in love for the finale


The couple was spotted in love for the finaleCredit: Raw Image Ltd.

Star Geordie Shore Bethan, 28, lip-synched with her co-star while filming the final party in Cyprus.

She and Rudy have hit it off since they met on the E4 dating show where celebrities try to find love.

Now, the couple seems to have confirmed their interest in each other as they leaned in to kiss CCP on the beach.

Bethan, who had stated that she was ready to date both men and women from the program, hugged Rudy.


The reality TV darling was dressed to impress in a bright orange mini dress that hugged her curves and exposed her butt.

Bethan appeared to opt for a glamorous makeup palette, including false eyelashes as her blonde hair flowed down.

Meanwhile, her lover looked stunning in a white summer dress as her dark locks were blowing in the wind too.


The couple hugged each other during a hug after walking hand in hand on the beach.

This comes after Bethan was spotted kissing American love island hunk Johnny Middlebrook earlier this year.

She was seen making out with Johnny as they enjoyed their date together at the picturesque Tulum Beach in Mexico.


The bisexual reality TV star has yet to publicly confirm her romance with Johnny, but they have both updated their Instagram accounts from the tropical resort.

Bethan’s romance with James, who starred in the 2020 Love Island series USA, comes just four months after her romance with Touya’s Demi Sims.

Between June and October last year, the girls were seen kissing several times.

But Demi, who recently admitted to having struggled with her sexuality for 10 years, denied that they were officially a couple.

Bethan and Rudy have been on several dates.


Bethan and Rudy have been on several dates.Credit: Raw Image Ltd.

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