January 31, 2023

New data showed that the number of COVID cases has approached 1.4 million.

This is because the number of influenza cases also broke out in the country this week.



Coronavirus cases have risen again this week and the British were due to receive their booster doses.1 credit

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that there were 1.38 million Covid cases in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland through the week ending December 9th.

This is the fourth week in a row that infections have risen, with more than half of the English regions seeing increases.

Amid the spread of both Covid and influenza, Britons have been urged to give themselves a present this Christmas.

The chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, Dr Jenny Harris, said getting a flu vaccine and a Covid booster is the best way to avoid serious illness this winter.


Dr Harris added that the vaccination would also help protect the NHS, which is currently under “serious pressure” due to Covid, influenza and Streptococcus A.

“We are seeing a high rate of hospitalizations for people over 75 and children under 5 with the flu, so no one should be slow to report. For most children, the flu vaccine is a quick and easy nasal spray that can be obtained from a health center.

“I encourage everyone to keep services and themselves healthy as we enter 2023 by putting the flu vaccine and Covid booster on our Christmas to-do list,” added Dr. Harris.


Signing up for a Covid booster is now possible through the NHS app or through the NHS booking system.

People can also simply come to one of the many centers around the country.

The government said it was a great way for family, friends and neighbors to take advantage of the holiday outing and get injections for the right people.


Those who qualify for the flu shot will already be contacted by their GP.

The latest figures from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) show that flu rates remain highest among children aged 5 to 14.

Parents were also urged to protect their children from insects.

This is especially important because the NHS claims that viral infections, such as the flu, increase the risk of contracting the Streptococcus A bacteria.

Five more deaths from Streptococcus A in children were reported yesterday, bringing the total to 24, and 94 deaths have been reported across all age groups since September.

The guidelines state that Streptococcus A infections are spread through close contact with an infected person.

weekly report of the UKHSA states that the influenza positivity rate among children aged 5 to 14 is 40.1%.

Hospitalization and intensive care admission rates have increased further over the past week.

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The figures show that the bulk of the increase in hospital admissions is among adults over 85 years of age.

Nursing homes continue to account for the largest number of outbreaks, with 54 confirmed influenza outbreaks reported in England in the week ending 18 December.

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