January 31, 2023

THE CALL ‘The Midwife’ fans fear the popular character may be leaving the show as the show kicked off its brand new series with a heartbreaking storyline.

The longtime BBC One drama is back in the new year with the whole gang back together as they are joined by a new member, Sister Veronica, who made a questionable first impression on women.



Fans fear one character may be leaving1 credit

As the new series begins, Nurse Robinson, played by Leonie Elliott, misses Jamaica as she receives photos from her sister’s wedding that she hasn’t seen in years.

She tells her husband Cyril how sad she is to think about her life in Jamaica and how upset she is that she never met her sister’s husband and how her family never met Cyril.

Despite her emotions and hesitations, Lucille tries to recover from her day off and return to her job as a nurse on hand and with some support from her husband and fellow nurses.

However, the radio announcement causes shock in London when all the characters hear politician Enoch Powell’s disturbing Rivers of Blood speech, which is highly critical of Commonwealth immigration and the proposed Race Relations Act.


Both Lucille and Cyril are shocked by this announcement as hostility around Britain and among their neighbors begins to grow.

A pregnant patient, Greta Picard, sees her husband start an anti-immigration protest as he insists that immigrants take “docking jobs” as they create posters and banners denouncing immigration.

Lucille faces more heartbreak when she offers to help deliver Greta’s baby, unaware of her husband’s activities as she “always loved her” and wants to help.


However, since Great is left to give birth in the ward rather than in the delivery room, as Mrs. Patel demands more of it, she becomes annoyed and assumes that Mrs. Patel has “cut the line”, even though “she doesn’t belong here”.

Lucille tries to keep her composure around Greta, who is about to give birth.

Great tells Lucille, “Enoch Powell was right!”


She continued: “The difficulty is that immigrants come here, taking everything that other people have paid for, and taking all the jobs.

“The British were born here, we must come first, they must all return home!”

She quickly added, “Of course I don’t mean you nurse!”

Frustrated and upset by yet another incident, Lucille leaves and refuses to help Greta deliver her baby, and she storms out of the medical center.

She later breaks down at home and admits she just wants to “go home” to Jamaica amid the riots in the UK.

Cyril tells her to take sick leave so she can deal with her “nerves” and regain her confidence when she confesses, with a heartbreaking confession, “I’m not sick, I’m sad.”

This raised concerns among fans that she might be leaving the BBC drama.

One fan wrote: “Lucille deserves better, I’m very worried about how her storyline is developing.”

Another added, “If Lucille leaves the series, I’ll be so sad, she won’t be able to leave.”

The third said, “We can’t lose Lucille. I have loved her ever since she arrived. I hope the rest of the new #CallTheMidwife series brings her some happiness.”

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It remains to be seen what Lucille will do next and if she will return to Jamaica.

Lucille is popular with viewers who desperately want her to stay.


Lucille is popular with viewers who desperately want her to stay.

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