January 27, 2023

The King recorded his first Christmas message just a few yards from his beloved mother’s final resting place.

In a break with tradition, His Majesty, 74, was filmed delivering a speech in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle while standing to do so.



The King filmed his first Christmas address at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.1 credit
The Queen recorded her last Christmas speech at Windsor Castle last year.


The Queen recorded her last Christmas speech at Windsor Castle last year.1 credit
Charles filmed his message at the site where the late monarch's service was held in September.


Charles filmed his message at the site where the late monarch’s service was held in September.1 credit

Millions watched the Queen’s rite at the same location before her coffin was buried in the adjacent George VI Memorial Chapel.

The contents of the ten-minute King Charles show will remain a closely guarded secret until it airs at 3:00 pm on Christmas Day.

A platinum anniversary, a queen’s funeral, a war in Ukraine and Harry and Meghan were expected.

Sources, however, said it would be “different” – insiders predict a “surprise” for the watching nation.


One added: “Of course it will be a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.”

Charles recorded the message on December 13, between broadcasts of the first and last episodes of the shocking Netflix documentary series about Harry and Meghan.

One photo released by Buckingham Palace ahead of the speech hinted at the king’s longstanding environmental credentials.


A Christmas tree adorned with eco-friendly decorations appears in a blurry background behind him in Quire.

The King’s Speech, the first event filmed at St George’s Chapel since the September funeral, was filmed by the BBC team.

They replaced the ITV crew with a surprise last-minute replacement.


The footage of the king is expected to be interspersed with footage from the June jubilee and the queen’s last journey.

At the anniversary party, Charles welcomed “an outpouring of warmth and affection” for his mother.

And in his first speech as king, 24 hours after her death was announced, he said: “May the flights of angels sing you to your rest.”

A year ago, the Queen recorded her last Christmas message from Windsor Castle.

In words that resonate a year later, she said she knew about “passing the baton” from her to family members.

The Queen, first televised in 1957, recorded her 69 Christmas Addresses to the Nation and the Commonwealth in royal palaces, usually sitting at her desk.

In recent years, she has decided to do so due to deteriorating mobility.

Meanwhile, on Sunday the king will hold a family meeting at Sandringham.

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They will watch the speech after dinner.

It emerged Friday that money sent to the royal family in the form of condolence cards after the Queen’s death was donated to a fuel bank fund for people who can’t afford to heat their homes.

The Queen recorded her first televised Christmas message in 1957.


The Queen recorded her first televised Christmas message in 1957.Credit: PA: Press Association.

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