January 31, 2023

The city’s failure to release reports to journalists and other members of the public throughout the year was a slow-moving story and a big disappointment to civic supporters who expect this kind of behavior from statewide politicians but are disappointed to see it here in St. Louis. Louis.


Unfortunately, we predict this problem will get a lot worse – and even weirder – before it gets better.

So far, city officials have argued that records that actually exist do not exist, and that members of the public who make very narrow, specific requests are in fact hopelessly vague. We predict that the city will reverse this scenario and start claiming that records that don’t actually exist do exist, and then send us all in pursuit of them. They will start saying that the requests are too specific and scold us for micromanaging.

By the end of the year, we expect the city to become even more inventive in its evasion of registration requests. People who come to the city hall to collect documents will be shown a series of photographs and must choose which ones have stoplights, and then they must identify an Imo pie among photographs of various St. Louis-style pizzas.

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