January 27, 2023

Handsome traitor Aaron has won an army of fans, and now his followers want him to appear in another big reality show.

Viewers of the BBC One show, which ended tonight, believe the 24-year-old real estate agent from Portsmouth would be the perfect Love Island entrant.



Aaron won an army of fans on the show1 credit
Aaron impressed the audience with his good looks and ability to make it to the end of the competition.


Aaron impressed the audience with his good looks and ability to make it to the end of the competition.1 credit

And they demanded that the ITV bosses throw him on a sun-drenched quest for love.

“Actually, may Aaron show up on love island next summer,” one viewer tweeted.

“If Aaron doesn’t win today, we need to make sure he goes to Love Island,” added another. “Not to meet anyone, but just to see how he walks around in swimming trunks for several weeks.”

A third echoed the sentiment, saying, “If that doesn’t work for Aaron, there’s always another Love Island series.”


Asked how he feels about reaching the finals, Aaron said, “I’m really surprised because after the third episode, I didn’t think I would last much longer.

“In the seventh episode, I also had another close chance, so I’m surprised that I managed to get this far.

Regarding his most memorable moment while filming the show, he added, “Probably meeting everyone at the beginning when we all entered the castle – the energy was really high and everyone got along so well.”


Aaron also revealed that he got a following from older women.

Asked about the funniest thing that happened on social media, he laughed, “I’d say how many moms have offered me hugs!”

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