January 31, 2023

A CAR owner was stunned to find his car alarm kept going off after cans of Irn-Bru exploded in his trunk in freezing temperatures.

Chris Haddow, a writer from Glasgow, bought the drink in bulk and left the cans in his car overnight.



He warned against leaving things in the car in freezing weather (STOCK IMAGE)1 credit
Cans of Irn Bru exploded in his car


Cans of Irn Bru exploded in his carCredit: Twitter: @KrisHaddow

But he couldn’t figure out why his car alarm kept going off at minus ten degrees.

He said: “My car alarm kept going off on Tuesday when it was -10 which was very annoying.

“You know what’s more annoying?

“Three days later I learned that it was because the cans of Irn-Bru that you bought in bulk exploded and ricocheted off the inside of the car!

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“What a sticky slushy mess.”

Chris posted photos of the exploded Irn-Bru cans on Twitter.

Pals reacted with surprise, saying, “Oh no, that’s terrible.”


Mr Haddow added: “7 cans are destroyed. Well, 4 have completely exploded, 3 have expanded to the point of eruption, but have not exploded yet.

“What a mess.”

He said that he “was tempted to scoop up handfuls of sweet goo and taste it.”


But he added: “No, I’m NOT going to, because the floor in the car is dirty.

Yes, sticky residue EVERYWHERE.

“No, I can’t clean my face.

“I will have to tip someone at the car wash to service the car.

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