January 27, 2023

All EMMERDALE viewers were left with the same complaint about David Metcalfe after tonight’s episode.

The failed shopkeeper, played by actor Matthew Wolfenden in the ITV television series, was in serious financial trouble last year.



David had an interview for a new role out of town1 credit
David failed in his interview


David failed in his interview1 credit

Now he was forced, despite the fact that ex-girlfriend Victoria Sugden bailed him out, to sell his store.

And it’s not just that he had to put his cottage up for sale in order to pay off his debts.

In today’s issue, reality has clearly fallen on David, and he began to look for a new job.

He managed to pass an interview as an assistant supermarket manager in Leeds.


This meant that he would have to leave the village and his life, but he went for it anyway.

Unfortunately, the hiring manager didn’t quite understand David and his string of failures, both personal and professional.

Rejected from the supermarket, David tried to put on a brave face.


When both father and son tried to cheer him up, assuring him that better things were just around the corner, David tried to feel uplifted.

But it was clear that he was really struggling.

Despite this, some fans felt that David was acting childish after his own mistakes caused his downfall.


One wrote: “Who in their right mind would use this childish waste of David’s space.”

The second said, “David’s drama doesn’t bother me.”

Another added: “David really gets on my nerves for self-inflicting.”

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