January 31, 2023

ALISON Hammond certainly entertained audiences with her new show as she made them burst out laughing at one particular question.

The TV presenter had a mission to see how her other half lives in her new series, which took her to the picturesque French Riveria.



Alison questioned the billionaire1 credit
She admitted she didn't know B&M


She admitted she didn’t know B&M1 credit

In In At The Rich End, Alison explores the glamorous life of billionaires and finds out how they choose their lives.

As part of her trip, the This Morning star met for lunch with billionaire film producer Lady Monica Barcardi.

Apart from her work in the film industry, she is also the heir to the $5.5 billion Barcardi drinks fortune.

Lady Monica is one of Monaco’s 200 billionaires who lives in luxury, but despite this, Alison was keen to ask the really important questions.


Alison began by asking the star, “Monica, if I told you that tomorrow when you wake up, all your wealth will be gone, do you think you can handle it, will you be okay?”

Monica humbly replied, “The thing is, everything can change in an instant. So let’s just enjoy the happy moments.”

Without further ado, Alison moved on to her next question: “Have you ever gone to B&M or Poundland?”


In a moment that shocked no one, Monica confirmed that she had never heard of such a place, and so Alison went out of her way to talk about the staples of the British street.

Alison remarked: “It’s a very cheap store where you can buy these vases, candles …”

Although Monica hasn’t been to the aforementioned stores, she admitted to shopping cheaply and confirmed that she enjoys the discount store, saying, “I even go now.”


Fans went into hysterics after hearing this question and took to Twitter in droves to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “That’s why I love @AlisonHammond asking a £5.5bn woman if she’s ever been to B&M or Poundland.”

Another added: “Watching @AlisonHammond ask Lady Monica Barkady (worth £5.5bn) if she has ever been to @bmstores, amazing. Poor Lady Bacardi wasn’t. She didn’t live.”

While a third mused, “@Alison Hammond must be the funniest person on TV.”

During the show, Alison also flirted outrageously with a multi-millionaire race car driver.

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