January 27, 2023

A heartbreaking call for help was sent from a sinking boat in the English Channel at 2am.

Four migrants unfortunately died yesterday in icy waters while trying to cross over to the UK from France.



Before the boat capsized, an alarming voice note was sent from the boat.1 credit
Boat rescue moment


Boat rescue momentCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

In an upset WhatsApp voice note, a desperate migrant on board explains how the boat fills with water.

The 22-second tape said, “We’re in the water and we have a family.” I inform.

A child’s cry is known to be heard in the background.

Shortly before the rollover, the message was delivered to Utopia 56, a charity supporting migrants in Calais.


Press Secretary Nikolai Pozner said: “Children’s cries can be heard in the background of the message.

“The person said that the water was inside the boat, so they were in the water inside the boat, that there were families and children on board and that they needed emergency help.

“It was like ‘Help us, help us, help us, we need help.’ He sounded young, probably from the Middle East.”


An email was then sent to the UK Coast Guard at 2:13 am warning of the vessel in distress.

However, the authorities were not alerted until 3:05 am.

The government said it could not explain the delay in response, which resulted in the rescue of 39 people.


A British fishing boat helped pull the survivors out of the flimsy and overcrowded boat.

Those they rescued during the two-hour rescue operation told the crew that they had paid the smuggling gangs £5,000 each to cross.

Last November, at least 27 migrants drowned after their boat capsized.

This year, more than 44,711 people made the dangerous crossing in small boats.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced new measures to stop ships. Yesterday, he expressed regret over the “tragic loss of life.”

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