January 27, 2023

A free press is the cornerstone of democracy, an important part of holding government officials accountable and carefully tracking policies that affect ordinary Minnesotans like you and me.

At MinnPost, we believe that this scrutiny of our government should come from an independent source. As a non-profit organization, MinnPost is truly independent—we are not beholden to corporate shareholders or billionaire owners.


But that means we rely on donations from our readers to keep our non-profit newsroom running. Nearly two-thirds of our funding comes from people like you. In addition, financial contributions ensure that all Minnesotans have access to these important records at no cost.

Will you join us today with a tax-free donation to fund state-run MinnPost journalism next year?

🤍 Yes! I will donate now!

We still need to raise $43,000 by December 31st to reach our $105,000 goal. and make sure our reporters have the resources to write meaningful stories in 2023. Will you help us stay on track to achieve our goal AND help support democracy with a tax-free gift of any amount right now?


We think MinnPost reporting is great, but don’t take it away from us! Here’s what some of our recent donors had to say about why they chose to donate to MinnPost:

“I know that I can trust MinnPost to provide me with the information I need so I can form my own opinion.” — Christine, Zimmerman

“Your team provides the most comprehensive local coverage of the Twin Cities. […] Thanks for your hard work!” – William, Inver Grove Heights


“The daily newsletter is a must-read for me.” — James, Minneapolis

“This is one of my three or four daily morning readings. Very good writers cover the kind of news that no one else is covering.” – Anonymous donor, Saint Paul.

We need your help to ensure that our newsroom is fully funded in 2023. Gifts Everybody sizes matter and help us cover major news. Will you make a tax-free donation of any amount right now?



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