January 31, 2023

A British tourist was shot and killed in a luxury villa in Jamaica.

Police say the 33-year-old was visiting the Caribbean island when he was shot dead at the guest house where he was staying on Monday.



The Briton was staying at the One Love Guest House on Yamashiya when he was shot dead, police said.1 credit
A 34-year-old man was arrested in the case.


A 34-year-old man was arrested in the case.1 credit

A West London man was known to be standing on the pool deck of One Love Guest House when a gunman approached him.

Local reports say the shooter chased him before shooting him multiple times.

The police arrived at the scene, he was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The victim is known to have arrived in Jamaica on 29 December.


Police have arrested a 34-year-old man in connection with his murder.

The suspect was allegedly deported from the UK in 2013.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was contacted for comment.


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