January 31, 2023

We gleefully reported last week that St. Louis could gain 8 inches this week (non-sexy look). The weather service predicted a high chance of snow at the time, and our hopes for a white Christmas skyrocketed.


Today we have less happy news.

Snow is still expected this week, but there is a good chance it will be completely gone by Christmas.

The National Weather Service predicts a winter storm will bring snowfall to our region on Thursday, but incredibly cold and strong winds could quickly blow away any snow we have.

While the wind is grinning and stealing our white Christmas dreams, it will also blow away any remotely comfortable temperature. Extreme cold weather is forecast to move into the Midwest on Thursday night. brings cold wind on Christmas Eve it can drop to -35 degrees.


So don’t get too excited for a white Christmas this weekend, but plan to get together.

Although, perhaps, it is not necessary to destroy all hope? It’s Christmas in St. Louis, after all, and the only thing more predictable than our unpredictable weather is the food coma you fall into after eating your aunt’s sticky butter pie.

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